Create an E-mail

  1. Power on computer (see stage 1)

  2. Click Start button and select internet (stage 2)

  3. Decide which email provider you would like to use (examples below)

    • Google Mail (recommended)
    • Outlook (microsoft hotmail)
    • Yahoo
  4. You can access each of these via google search (refer to stage 2)

  5. You will then need to register with their chosen email provider

  6. First step to do this is click sign up now (hotmail), create an account (gmail), Sign up (yahoo)

  7. This will then take you to the registration page

  8. You will now have to insert your details and input a username and password (or you can choose one of the suggestions provided for your possible username, based on the details you have already given)

  9. At this point I would suggest write it down until you’re satisfied that in future you will remember your password and username.

  10. Choose a secret question and alternative email (this will be used if you ever want to retrieve your details)

  11. You should now be ready to start using your email service and can email anyone if you have their email address.

  12. Once you email someone they will have your address and can email you.

  13. You are now in a position to give your email address out to your contacts.