IT Terms of Use

I agree not to:

  • view materials of a pornographic nature
  • view materials promoting violence or promoting hate against any other race or group in society
  • view materials promoting illegal substances
  • change the settings, desktop background or files on the computers
  • play music at a volume that may disturb others
  • circumvent/attempt to circumvent any security, protection and/or filters put in place on the computers
  • cause deliberate damage to the equipment
  • consume food and or drink in the facilities
  • bring open liquids into the facilities (i.e. cans, coffee, tea)
  • shut down the computers unless asked to by a member of staff or volunteer
  • log off the computers unless asked to by a member of staff or volunteer
  • use the chairs as mode of transport
  • spin on the chairs

I agree to:

  • leave when asked to by a member of staff or volunteer
  • be polite and civil to anyone in the facility
  • to pay for all prints I do, even if accidental or incorrect
  • leave the facility after one (1) hour if people are waiting (excluding those searching/applying for jobs, engaging with one to one training, or otherwise deemed to be working by a member of staff)
  • if asked to leave the facilities due to people waiting I will not return for thirty (30) minutes
  • close all applications when leaving
  • return headphone and other equipment I may be using
  • leave chairs under the desks when leaving
  • allow members of staff to view my activities without warning or cause
  • allow members of staff to retain any information gained through monitoring of my activities for use however is deemed necessary

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied be an adult at all times while in the facility.

I understand that if I do not comply with these terms I will be warned, and on the next instance, be banned. I also understand that depending on the seriousness of the offense my details will be passed onto the police.

We reserve the right to change these at any time without notice.