Money Management


  1. Start up the computer

    1. The first thing you will need to do is press the power button on the main part of the tower or laptop.

    2. Press the power button on the monitor if using a pc.


  1. Access the internet

    1. Move your cursor with your mouse until it moves over the bottom left corner.

    2. This is called the start button, this will bring up a list of all your programs.

    3. Now you need to left click the START button in the bottom left corner of your screen

    4. click on internet at the top of the list. Your default web browser will then open.

(There are different web browsers available but all generally work the same.

So if it is a browser you have not seen before, please do not worry.)

you will need to visit


  1. The site should look like below:

Click on “Do your budget now” button and the budget planner page will show

  1. Next you may need to scroll down a little and click on the “Get started now” button

  1. Here you can then start your budgeting plan

  1. If you feel you need a little help you can always ask a member of staff or click on

          the “watch martin show how the budget planner works” button near the bottom of the page

We will be developing our own budgeting spreadsheet to go along with this. so if you find this a bit daunting ask a member of staff and they will give you a simple paper one to take home.