Proud Crowd

Are you like us ashamed, disgusted and disappointed in the state of the main gateway to Hull!. Are you fed up of waiting for the Highways Agency or whoever is responsible for keeping the sides of the Clive Sullivan Way clean and tidy. Whilst we do appreciate that money is tight do we really have to put up with what looks like a major effort to blow all the positive work and efforts of the City of culture team and its volunteers out of the water. The incoming verges of the carriageway are a complete and utter disgrace and must be dealt with as a matter of urgency if we are to make a proper impression on incoming visitors to the City. All calls or pleas for action seem to fall on deaf ears and no realisation of the damage to Hulls improving reputation being caused by this eyesore seem to make any difference.

We at Springbank CA want to try to alleviate this problem in a very simple way in a very short period of time. We appreciate that hoops and obstacles will be raised by pc brigades but hope that they may not be unsurmountable and some proud Hull people will be allowed to sort the situation out if authorities cant.

Our simple plan is to spend 3 or 4 hours safely one Sunday morning and do it ourselves! 

If you can help in any way (whether as a volunteer, a an adjoining business owner or donating equipment) please complete the form (your details will NOT be passed on to ANYONE). The purpose of the form is just to determine numbers and equipment availability. The time and date will be determined by the Highways agency if they cooperate!. Should it be a goer publicity will be via Look North Hull Daily Mail and our website but in the event it does happen there will be plenty of publicity.

The cleanup will involve meeting at the Hessle interchange with the A63 (on the bridge). Then walking along the grass verge towards Hull collecting rubbish into plastic bags and depositing them onto a vehicle which would be alongside us in the inside lane of the carriageway. Volunteers should wear hi viz clothing and good footwear and gloves. There should be no reason to walk out onto the carriageway and safety protection would be provided by the Highways Agency (after all we are donating our labour free!!) who would provide necessary advanced traffic signing for a short rolling road. They would also provide a suitable vehicle at the front of the rolling road section being coned off by depositing cones to form the working section.  A traffic diversion vehicle at the rear would collect cones as we advance thus giving the road back to traffic. We would appoint a couple of our own safety stewards to ensure no one inadvertently strays onto the carriageway or into the rolling road.

The operation should only take a maximum 3  to 4 hours and terminate at the Hessle Road/Clive Sullivan Way western exit.

The operation is of course fully dependent on cooperation with the Highways Agency but it would remove what is an absolute eyesore and disgrace and reflects terribly adversely on a City making a massive effort to recover.

Any help from business owners along the verges would be most appreciated and of course they would be a vital part of the clean up since a lot of material is actually lying alongside the fencing on their premises. We would of course require  help from Hull City Council to remove the collected materials to safe and environmentally correct disposal.

The operation can easily be carried out safely in a very short time, it can create a sense of wellbeing and pride in people taking part and most of all it will show Hull in a better light to visitors bringing revenue into the City. Lets just hope red tape does not make a simple operation complicated for the sake of complicating!!!