Terms of Hire

There is to be NO SMOKING anywhere inside the building.
The named responsible person on the booking form shall be the Hirer and shall be personally responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met in ALL respects.


  • To pay for the booking in full (according to booking made) and on the understanding that the payment will be given prior to 2 weeks before the end of the hire period for repeat bookings, and the hire date for one-off bookings if no prior agreement has been made to the contrary.
  • To pay, if under this prior agreement, the full outstanding balance within 14 days of receipt of the Centre’s invoice.
  • The hirer MUST be present throughout the period of hire and ensure that all group members have left the building following the activity.
  • To ensure the premises are not used for any purpose other than that stated on the booking form and ensure centre policy regarding security is adhered to.
  • To compensate, on a new for old basis, the Community Centre for any damage caused to the building or its contents and appliances during the period of hire or as a result of any breach of the terms and condition of hireTo ensure that the fire apparatus on the premises are not interfered with in any way.
  • To ensure that AT NO TIME during the period of hire any emergency exit from the premises is locked or obstructed or fire doors left open.
  • To ensure all persons using the premises are aware of the fire procedures and fire exits as stipulated on fire evacuation posters located around the centre.
  • To take proper steps to control admittance to the function and ensure that there is no intrusion or hindrance to any other event or function taking place elsewhere in the community centre.
  • To ensure that no music is played on the premises after 10:30pm on Saturdays and 10pm on weekdays and Sundays and to ensure that noise levels are checked during the function and reduced if necessary so that noise does not cause nuisance or inconvenience to occupiers of neighbouring properties.
  • That the hire period is inclusive of setting up and clearing away time of the activity.
  • To ensure that activities for which the premises are hired cease in sufficient time so that all equipment concerned with the hire is removed and rooms used are cleaned and tidied, lighting and heating (where possible) is turned off.
  • To ensure all rubbish is placed outside in the refuse bin in bags and decorations removed and disposed of responsibly.
  • To ensure that no alcohol is sold on the premises.
  • To ensure the noise levels upon arrival and when departing are kept to a minimum so as not to cause nuisance or inconvenience to neighbouring properties.
  • To ensure that there is no misuse of centre property, i.e. using the pool table as a work surface or standing on chairs as this will result in exclusion from future use and possible expense for repairs.


  1. Spring Bank Community Association WILL NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property left on the premises by the hirer or any other person connected to the activity.
  2. Spring Bank Community Association cannot be responsible for any damage to neighbouring properties as a result of a groups activities (except where damage relates directly to members of staff) and users will be required to compensate on a new for old basis.
  3. Spring Bank Community Association reserves the right not to allow use of parts of the building (other than those rooms hired) during the period of hire.
  4. Spring Bank Community Association will provide brushes and bin liners upon request.
  5. Spring Bank Community Association reserves the right to levy an additional charge if the terms and conditions of hire are infringed.
  6. Spring Bank Community Association reserves the right to provide all refreshments for any booking if we wish to do so.
  7. Spring Bank Community Association reserves the right to terminate ANY booking and refund the hire fee if the activity is in direct contravention with the Centre’s Equal Opportunities policy, Code of Conduct and these Conditions of Hire, or for any other reason the Centre Manager feels is justified.
  8. Spring Bank Community Association WILL charge the full hire fee for any cancellations received less than two (2) weeks before the hire takes place.
  9. The Hirer will ENSURE that children 16 years old and under (if applicable) are properly supervised by someone 18 years old or over at ALL times.

We reserve the right to change these at any time without notice.