Dear Lee

I am just dropping you a line to say "Thank You" to yourself and all the volunteers for the excellent service you provide to the community.

Myself and my partner had both found ourselves recently unemployed and unable to afford our own computer and internet at home, we by chance found out about the Spring Bank Community Centre and the free internet use on offer to anyone. Having called in and registered we could use the internet for free, this is excellent! it gave us a focus each day to come in and look for employment, we were always welcomed and any help we needed was always on hand for free from your excellent volunteers in the IT Suite.

It has taken us 3 months but from the excellent facility run by the centre we have now both got jobs and looking forward to a brighter future.

We will still be popping in now and again to say hi and to use the IT Suite to check our email accounts.

I would definitely recommend to anyone to visit the centre is was and still is a huge help to us.


(Still in full-time employment)

Dear Lee & Staff

I just want to say a big thank you for all your help and support in finding me a job.

I want to say a special thank you to Steven who told me about this place and who gave me lots of support and helped me at every step finding a job. I hope everybody has a great time at christmas and new year and the best of luck to people who are still trying to get a job.

Best wishes to everybody.

(Regular IT User)

I come here to get help with many IT tasks, photocopying and emailing as well as inquiries and even language translation...I find the staff members helpful and clever!

(IT User for many years)

A great help, 1 on 1 help very useful!

(IT User)

Excellent service and very friendly.

(IT User)

Really the best place to come for free computer access, both the internet and other stuff,

The staff and volunteers are welcoming, friendly and, most of all, helpful and accommodating.

There is much in the way of laughter, banter and discussion.

It's a good place to meet people and feel more connected to the world.

The community centre is a;ways open promptly and I have never experienced any abuse or hassle.

I commend the staff, volunteers, project aims and facilities wholeheartedly and to anybody interested in popping in.

Get yourself down here!

Many thanks

(IT Regular)

Deep poverty in the Londesborough Street Estate and the Spring Bank areas, HU3, in Hull, specifically, in the West of Hull.

It provides a much needed service to the community in each persons time of need.

Your project covers the gap which exists in communicating between different ethnic minority groups.

Having this facility here helps people like myself to get online as i couldn't afford internet.


The community centre provides a life line for the majority of the community. With out these service the community would really struggle.

I think your project is helpful for everyone, particularly it helps me more. for example I can learn English via videos. To sum up, it is useful for me to spent my time with valuable things for free internet service, that's why I said its very essential project.

I don't want the staff at work to know I'm looking for a new job, and my internet at home doesn't always work. This place is conveniently on my way home... It is a safe haven where nobody knows me, I can be by myself and whoever I want to be...

We live in a community that is blighted by economic problems; this translates acutely into what many of us can afford. I certainly cannot afford an internet connection but nevertheless need access to fulfill varying requirements of my life, This community centre allows me to get this done, easily and for extended periods of time. I hope that it will be funded and continue to exist for many more years, fingers crossed for generations.