How to use a computer

Firstly let’s introduce the 5 main things you need to know.

  • The Computer Tower
  • The Mouse
  • Cursor
  • The Keyboard
  • The Monitor

The Tower is the main part of the computer, to turn it on you need to press the big button on the front of the tower it will normally have a power symbol on the button to indicate that it is a power button. If you cannot find the button please look at the picture on the right to see the symbol you are looking for.
After you have turned the computer on, wait for it to start up fully before attempting to use it as this could cause complications. Now you are ready to begin using the computer.

The Mouse Is how you control the pointer on the monitor. In order to navigate around the monitor you need to move around the cursor with your mouse and left-click to press the object on screen. The right-click on the mouse is normally used to bring up a menu next to your cursor; this could be for a number of things which we will discuss further.

The Cursor the arrow to indicate the activity you wish to use to perform your chosen tasks. Different tasks will be explained later according to your choice.

You can also use your mouse wheel which is in between the mouse buttons to scroll down the screen. Alternatively you can use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen when you are on an application or the internet.
To scroll using the scroll bar you will need to click on the shaded panel and hold down your left button and move your mouse in an upward or downward direction to scroll the webpage up and down. You may also click the arrows located at the top and bottom of the scroll bar.


The Keyboard is needed to type anything onto the screen, it can also be used to do tasks like cut and paste without having to use your mouse. On your keyboard you will also see 4 arrows keys, these can be used to navigate around the screen. When you press these arrows you will see the cursor move up or down a line or side to side depending on your arrow key. The enter key is the biggest button on your keyboard and above this is the backspace key that allows you to remove the letter on screen where your cursor is located.

The Monitor is the visual screen which you will need in order to see what your keyboard, mouse and computer tower are doing.

Now that you understand the main parts of the computer we can begin learning. At this point I would like to mention there is no way you can break the computers so there is no reason to be scared of doing things. The best way to learn is have a go yourself and if something goes wrong we are here to help you all of the way.

The first thing you will need to do is press the power button (as seen above) on the main part of the tower or laptop.

Press the power button on the monitor if using a pc.

Next you will need to think about what it is you would like to do.