Using Email

  1. Select required provider via the search engine

  2. Type in “g-mail/yahoo mail/hotmail (or outlook)”

  3. Click on the “Login”/”Sign In” link…

  4. Type your email address in the required box, then click “Next”

  5. Type in your password, then click “Sign In” (or press the Enter key)…

  6. This should take you straight to your Inbox, where all incoming emails are stored

  7. Click on any email to open it; unopened emails are in bold type

  8. To delete an email, tick the box to the left of it and then click the “Delete” icon; alternatively, right-click and select “Delete”

  9. To send an email, click on “Compose”/”New”, type in their email address after “To”, state the purpose of your email after “Subject”, then type in your content below; finally, click “Send”

  10. Attachments can be added to an email (documents, pictures, etc); to do this, click on the ‘paperclip’ icon; a dialogue box will appear; select the location of the file you wish to send from (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc)